Love Sports? Four Countries To Visit If You Do

Love sports? Want to experience some of it overseas? Thanks to the Trade Fair Tours – the best in International trade fairs and exhibitions 2018 – here are the four best countries to visit for sports:

Football: Anywhere In Europe

When it comes to football, there are only two places to go: South America or Europe. For passion, commitment and desire, South America is for you. If you want quality and skill, you head to Europe. Anywhere in Europe the game thrives and their are matches galore. But for the bigger teams, you have to head to the likes of England (London is host of several big teams including Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham, Spain (Barcelona is the best), Germany (check out the German trade fairs for more information) and Italy (Naples is insane about their football). The passion of the fans and the quality of the teams are up there with the best.

Baseball: Japan

Forget the US, baseball in Japan is where it is at. You would never think they would love it as much as they do, but they are all over it. They have embraced it and next to football and sumo wrestling is the biggest sport in Japan. They love it, are severely passionate about it and the quality of the games is up there with the very best.

Hockey: Canada

And when we talk about hockey, we are referring to ice hockey. Hockey in Canada means ice hockey and it is the biggest sport out there. They love it and they embrace it like no tomorrow. Yes, their big teams are part of the NHL (and share their league with the USA), but that doesn’t mean they are any less great. Their passion for the game is paramount and they live and breath in on the streets. The best bet: visit the Calgary Flames – the city is absolutely crazy about them.


Basketball: America!

It is home to the biggest and most popular basketball league in the world: the NBA. If you are going to get a glimpse of the best of the best that means you have to take the time out to visit America and catch a game. There are over 50 teams in the league (broken down in divisions and conferences), so basically anywhere you go, there will be a team ready for you. But if you want to watch the big names and the big teams, we suggest taking in the LA Lakes, the Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, the Golden State Warriors and the New York Knicks. They got it all for you.

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